Why juicing can be both good and bad for you

Why juicing can be both good and bad for you

Whenever somebody is longing for a nice cold glass of juice that they can freshly make with their centrifugal or masticating juicers it’s usually a sign that the body needs several things. The first thing to be aware of is that our brains tell us how badly we need a certain thing, for instance you will feel thirsty until you drink a cup or two of water, you will feel hungry until you eat a certain amount of food, but we won’t be aware why we need a certain thing until we indulge in it.

glass of juiceIf your body is craving a glass full of fresh juice you could be thirsty, but you could also have a big sugar craving. The big thing that most juicers neglect, is the knowledge that many of those juice that are made from fresh fruit are full of sugars, and once you start drinking a glass or two of fresh fruit juice you are actually ingesting a huge amount of sugars. While the vitamins that are extracted from the fruit are amazing for your body, you still have to be aware that the sugars inside those fruits are not. The amount of sugars that you invest in that one glass of juice is way too much of a shock for your body to take within the thirty seconds it will take you to drink that cold glass of juice.

If you want to be the responsible adult and treat your body with the respect it deserves you have to dose yourself responsibly. The first thing to keep in mind for anyone that wants to start juicing responsibly is to get recipes that have more vegetables than fruit in them. For instance, if you take one apple and mix it with two carrots and one beetroot you can make a much healthier drink than by mixing that apple with two bananas and one orange. While the vegetables drink might not be as sweet as the fruit juice that is basically the point of making that sort of drink.

Always keep in mind that every juice you make is a big intake of ingredients that you would not be able to eat within a half an hour if chewed and swallowed. However, if you juice it you can swallow it within mere seconds, so always be aware of a number of vitamins, minerals, and sugars that are within a certain fruit or vegetable so you can dose yourself accordingly as to not overdo certain things.

What are the other benefits of juicing

There are many other benefits of juicing and we will list some of them as juicing is far more beneficial to your health than detrimental if used correctly. It can actually influence your breath, the smell of your sweat, how you sleep and how soft your skin is, and it all boils down to the materials that are used in the juicing process. Make sure to talk with your local nutritionist if you want to know all the benefits of every plant that can be juiced so you can reap the maximum positive benefit from juicing

Masticating juicer juicing tips

Masticating juicer – juicing tips

Juicing is an easy way to consume a diversity of healthy nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables. But, in this case, you need to have appropriate tools to achieve the best results. The masticating juicer is one of the best kitchen appliances available on the market, which will help you get all healthy ingredients. In this article, we are going to show you some tips and tick on how to maintain a healthy balance in your body and how to use a masticating juicer.

Why juicing?

First of all, we need to address this question because juicing comes as one of the most healthies forms or intaking vitamins and minerals. If you don’t have appropriate tools, this action can be tedious and difficult to perform. But, with the masticating juicer, the entire process is easy and done in a couple of minutes. Most people are probably wondering why don’t we just eat fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of juicing them. The answer is simple, most people don’t have this healthy habit, and instead of eating them, they either buy processed juices in grocery stores, of just avoid fruits and vegetables overall.

How to start juicing?

On the of the first steps is to buy an appropriate tool, in this case masticating juicer because it will help you get all healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is important to start making your juice with raw ingredients. If you have an opportunity, it’s best to buy organic fruits, vegetables and herbs because they are pesticide free. In this case, you combine ingredients based on your own taste. If you want to increase the health benefits of some juice, then research more this topic and add appropriate ingredients into the juicer.

What can you juice?

Basically, every fruit and vegetable you can imagine. When it comes to juicing you don’t have limits; it comes to personal preferences what kind of tastes you like. Many people remove the skin before putting fruits and vegetables into the juicer, but that a huge mistake. Skin contains the more vitamins and minerals that the inside of the fruit or vegetable. With masticating juicer, you will be able to crunch almost anything but still, keep the health benefits. The more fruit you use, the merrier it is. Don’t forget to use dark green veggies as your base.

How can long juice be fresh?

Unfortunately, masticating juices are short on time. In a perfect world, we could make juices whenever we want and drink them all the time. But, as the life gets in the way, we barely have time for breakfast in the morning. Fresh juice is best when consumed within 20 minutes of making. But there are other ways to preserve freshness. You can buy special containers which will help you keep the juice fresh within three days. In this way, if you don’t have much time, you can make your juice twice a week and store it properly, so it doesn’t go waste.

the masticating juicer

Five reasons to get a masticating juicer

Masticating juicers is probably one of the best kitchen appliances you can ever get. It satisfies your need for fresh juice every day, it doesn’t take too much space, and you can store it on a kitchen counter. Considering the market and how many juicers there are, you will get the best results from masticating juicer. If you already intend to buy this product, it’s imperative to choose the right one. They can be expensive, so research everything carefully, before you invest your money.

Next level quality

Next level qualityCompared to other juicers, the masticating juicer provides higher quality juices. They have installed gears instead of a rotating motor. The slower spinning speeds help to preserve vitamins and minerals which make fresh juices healthy. For example, centrifugal juicers use a motor that spins blades at high speed, and this affects the preservation of vitamins and enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. In this way, it will reduce the quality and healthy nutrients in juices.

It is easy to maintain

People would think that masticating juicers are hard and complicated to maintain, but actually, they are quite easy. You don’t have sharp edges as centrifugal juicers have and they can harm your hands during the cleaning process. It doesn’t stain too much, like others and therefore, masticating juicers are easier to clean, and at the same time, you will be protected from injuries.

More nutrients

With masticating juicers, you will be able to extract more vitamins and minerals than with any other juicer. Others might be faster, but their efficiency is low, which is a significant drawback when you are buying a juicer. The pulp you get from the centrifugal juicer is wetter than from masticating one, and this is the first sign that juice hasn’t been extracted. The centrifugal juicer can’t squeeze the pulp out, which is a significant disadvantage, considering that pulp and skin of the fruits and vegetables contain the most nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.

It won’t break your ears

The level of noise can be irritating, especially if you are making juices early in the morning. But, masticating juicer provides quiet operation due to the slow RPM of its blades. When we put is simply, the faster the blades, the bigger the noise is. Considering that masticating juicers have slow rotation; the level of noise is low, and it won’t disrupt the life of your family every morning when you turn it on.

You can use it for different things

Don’t be confused by thinking that masticating juicer can only be used for soft and mellow fruits and vegetables. With this juicer, you can masticate hard and dry one as well, and most juicers don’t have this option. For example, centrifugal juicers aren’t able to extract the juice from root vegetables. The high and slow crushing action of masticating juicer will provide you to extract the last drop from fruits and vegetables. They are not only limited to this type of groceries; you can use nuts as well.

masticating juicer improve your health

How can masticating juicer improve your health?

Since the beginning of the 90s, we have been surrounded with all kinds of products that have artificial sweeteners, and juices make the majority in this category. Now people have the option to choose between a variety of goods, types, and manufacturers, but, unfortunately, not all of them are healthy, and they can seriously endanger our health. In the last couple of years, a new technology has appeared on the market and gave us an entirely new perspective on what means intaking healthy food and juices. The masticating juicers have become a trend, and everyone who intends to lead a healthy life should have one in his home.

It will reduce the level of sugar

healthy juiceSugar has become a big issue nowadays, considering the number of people who are suffering from obesity. Getting on the right tracks and taking the life in your own hands is just one step towards recovery. Scientist proved that sugar can be addictive and can lead you to have diabetes, overweight problems and all sorts of complication with your health. With the use of a masticating juicer, you can control the level of sugar you take, the ingredients are all natural, and you can mix different tastes and fruits in order to get the juice according to your needs. You don’t have to buy it in store when you can make it in your home. The juice is healthier, it has natural sugar, and you can teach your kids to have healthy habits and happier life.

You can even lose weight

We all know that sugar is number one cause why we have obesity problems. But, if you use a masticating juicer to make a healthy, fresh and artificial sugar-free juice, you will soon see excellent results. Combined with your diet plan, natural juices can significantly contribute to your mission to lose weight. You can use them before every meal, or if you mix the right ingredients, they can even replace one of the meals during the day. The masticating juicer is able to extract the juice without losing the nutrients. In this way, you will get more from fruits and vegetables. If you are using dark green vegetables as a base, it will make your juice extra healthy. Spinach, chard, broccoli or similar vegetables should make between 55% and 75% of your juice.

You will teach your kids to have healthy habits

It no secret that children prefer junk food and beverages such Coca Cola, but if you incorporate this routine in their everyday life, they might think about this issue from another perspective. After all, health is one of the most important things in the world, and if you children learn this from a young age, they won’t have problems in the future. You should make this entire process enjoyable, let them watch your while you make juices, combine tastes based on their needs and let them help you. Later on, this will be the only way they choose to drink their juices.

juicing tips

Make Yourself The Best Concoctions With these Juicing Tips

Juicing can offer you plenty of health benefits, some of which are on the inside, others which are on the outside. Follow our tips, and you are going to find your juicing habit begin to benefit your body more than ever. Start juicing, and you are going to see just how wonderful you can feel.

Try a masticating juicer to make your juice. These juicers have an even more gentle method of extracting juice, which helps the liquid maintain more of its nutrients. These are also more storage friendly.

Juice dark leafy greens and cucumbers together. Dark greens, while nutritious, have a distinctive and bitter flavor that many individuals find unappetizing. Cucumber will not only mask this taste but adds a refreshing flavor to your drink. Cucumber also contains important nutrients; have the peel for optimum benefit.

When you are juicing apples, choose the sweetest and ripest ones you can find. While bruised apples also manufacture juice that is good, you should nevertheless cut away the bruised areas. Apples, including Gala, Rome, Red colored Delicious, and Rome, are sweet and make richer, much more flavorful juices.

When you drink juice for health, make sure to use leafy greens like chard, kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley and more. The ratio you are going for is around 50-70 % when it comes to greens for the juices of yours; you want to then add a little fruit or maybe tastier vegetables for some flavor. Juice made using greens are a lot more healthy than fruit juice, which might contain a good deal of sugar.

Drink slowly, and also relish the special qualities each juice has. Take a bit of time to take pleasure in it, and sampling everything in it. Swish the juice forth and back in your mouth to increase salivation, a serious component of digestion.

Consider the juice of yours an entire meal. As soon as you get used to juicing, you will begin to know what you have to incorporate in the juice to make it substantial and nutritious. Consuming the juice as being a meal is going to help your body get the nutrients you need.

Before you begin juicing, study your produce. Each fruit and vegetable have different nutrients and vitamins. Maximize the daily intake of your nutrients by getting probably the best blend of produce. Apart from fueling your body with healthy ingredients, you’ll also discover a world of unique and delicious flavors.

Just a little bit of pulp in your juice is often unavoidable. However, you can use an espresso filter to strain the juice. Some juicers make extremely pulpy juice. Thus that might not be to your liking. Try using a cheesecloth, espresso filter, or facial strainer to bring out the pulp if this’s the case.

Making fresh juice to store in the fridge is a beneficial strategy, though you need to take measures to prevent the juice from changing colors. You are going to need to take a quick precaution that will keep the fresh juice of yours from changing color, however. Lemon juice works as an all natural preservative, keeping your juice a brilliant and inviting color. A bit of bit of lemon juice will not change the flavor but is going to improve the color.

As discussed earlier, virtually anybody can utilize a juicer to create delicious and nutritious refreshments. The ideas in this article can help you reach your juicing goals. If you put everything you have just learned into practice, you’ll not only get better at juicing, however, your health will improve as a result.

organic juice for constipation

Organic Juices And How They Help Fight Constipation

Organic fresh made juices have a cleansing and laxative action, which can help you eliminate constipation. Taken regularly they will help you have daily bowel movements.

Organic juices contain plenty of vitamin, bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and other nutrients. Citric fruits have uric acid as well as being sour they’re the more acidic.

Fresh juice is a quick way to receive all kinds of nutrients to the bloodstream quickly. As liquid nutrients enter your blood, they suck out toxins and build up tissues.

In your colon that they destroy harmful bacteria, feed wall tissue, pull toxins out, and also have a laxative action.

Though juices deliver helpful action across the entire body, it’s ideal to restrict their use and drink them in bigger amounts only when seeking to achieve certain health advantages.

Should you use natural foods with laxative effects, then their laxative effect diminishes after long-term usage.

For those who have diabetes or adrenal disorder, restrict your use of juices and fruits once you first wake up in the daytime. But exercise in the morning will allow you to tolerate drinking several juices from then on.

When juicing vegetables and fruits, the more fiber that’s left using the juice then, the better results you’ll receive together with your constipation.

It’s almost always best to use fresh juices, but as a last resort with packed juices will probably be better than not drinking anything.

Apples and Apple Juice

These are great for removing constipation as they’re high in pectin, a soluble fiber, have lots of minerals, also include sorbitol — a pure sugar that stimulates peristaltic activity.

Pectin helps to neutralize the intestines and promote regular bowel movements.The fiber in apples adds bulk and weight to fecal matter and helps draw water out of the colon to the fecal thus preventing the stool from getting tough and consequently preventing constipation.

Apples are among greatest fruits to eat as they’re high in minerals, which supply alkaline electrolytes to the human entire body.


Electrolytes neutralize acids that are made during sickness, stress, anger, exercising, breathing contamination, and improper ingestion.

Body acid is a primary reason we get fatal diseases as we age.

Make eating apples or drinking fresh apple juice a daily habit. They’re also powerful in liver and liver issues.

Heres what to do. Use crisp and tough apples like granny smith, Fuji, or Gala apples for juicing. Drink three glasses of lemon juice throughout the day — morning, noon, and evening.

In conjunction with drinking fresh apple juice, then eat 3-4 apples every day to find fiber. The combination of drinking and eating apple juice may activate your colon to begin moving dead matter.

You might also do a one time or two-day apple cider juice quickly by, eating 3-4 apples during the day.

Drink lemon juice every 2 hours. Don’t eat anything until the morning after. After that, begin changing your eating habits as recorded in some of my other posts.

benefits of masticating juicers

Benefits of Using Masticating Juicers

Using any type of juicer is beneficial in itself, but if you want to go deeper into the matter, then you have to think about which juicer type is the best. The majority of people that don’t have any knowledge or experience will most likely say those centrifugal juicers are the best. That is because it is the most common juicer, but that doesn’t make it the best. We have tested every type of juicer that you can find on the market, and we have come up with a winner.

This type of juicer was far more efficient than any other similar product. We are talking about the Masticating juicer. These juicers are extremely good and for many sound reasons. We will now tell you everything you have to know about this specific type of juicer. At the end of this article, you might change your mind about which one is the best and you also may purchase a masticating juicer yourself.

Lasting Freshness

The one flaw that a lot of juicers have is that they produce a juice that will stay fresh for a very short amount of time. That is due to the method and the technique that they use to extract the juice out of the fruits and vegetables. The technique that these masticating juicers use is unique and different from other juicers. This method is much slower than any other juicer, and that’s what plays into the benefits of it. The juice that comes out of this juicer will be able to stay fresh for much longer because it will take much longer for the juice to oxidize.

Leafy Greens

Juicing leafy greens such as spinach is very hard with a centrifugal juicer because it relies completely on its blades to extract the juice out of the leaves. However, that is not a problem for the masticating juicer because it will press out all the healthy juices out of all leaves. Therefore if you want to drink juices from leafy green vegetables, you must use a masticating juicer because it will give you the best results. Also, these leafy green vegetables are essential if you want to cleanse your body or essentially drink various healthy juices.

Slow and Silent

If you are looking to buy a juicer machine that will work very silently, then the perfect choice for you will be a masticating juicer because this type of juicer is the most silent. The level of noise is low because of the motor that is installed inside these special juicers. They have a much different motor from the centrifugal juicers which are extremely loud. The motor of a masticating juicer is very slow, around 40 to 80 RPM. The slow rotation of the motor affects the noise level, that’s why this juicer is one of the most silent ones. A juicer that works silently is a very good advantage that you can have because most of the time you will be making juices will be early in the morning before work, and you don’t want to wake everyone up.

juicing for weight loss

Juicing for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy task, but it is a very common one that a lot of people around the world are struggling with. The majority of people that start a weight loss process never finish it because they don’t have the right mindset or because they are not using the right method to achieve their dream body. Just by using a method that is right for your body, you will be able to lose the extra weight eventually. Of course, you must have the motivation, something that will push you forward and bring you to the finish.

One of the most successful ways to lose weight is by having a good diet plan. A good diet plan means that you are eating very healthy food that has small or no fat at all. Of course, the smaller the fat amount is the better, that’s why one of the best diet plans are involving drinking juices. Here are some benefits that you can have from juice weight loss programs.

Fast Results

The thing that everyone wants to have when losing weight is fast results, but unfortunately, it is not easy to have fast results because you will not be able to lose a lot of weight over few weeks. It will require a lot of time just to see some differences. However, if you end up choosing the juicing diet plan, then your chances of having a fast result will be increased because by drinking only juices, your body will not get enough calories or any % of fat at all. That will affect the time of your weight loss process by a lot. However, you have to be careful because you have to eat certain things that cannot be found in juices in order to stay healthy.

Healthier Body

If you have gone through any weight loss process, your body has become automatically healthier than it was before. That is a fact, but if you have used the juice method to lose weight, then you will definitely have a much healthier body because these juices are the best thing that you can give to your body. They will cleanse your entire system and leave you with a blank canvas that will be all up to you to protect. You only have to know what are the fruits and vegetables that you must juice because not everyone will have the same results.

Improved Immune System

Your immune system is one of the most important things in your body that you are able to preserve. Also, you can have a huge impact on how your immune system will work, just by eating healthy. If you drink a lot of juices, your immune system will definitely be improved because fruits and vegetables are full of healthy nutrients that will keep your immune system powered up. This means that you will be much more resistant to bacteria, viruses and other types of diseases that are around you.

7 Things a Juice Cleanse Does to Your Body

A lot of people that are searching for a good way to cleanse their body from all the harmful toxins end up using the juice cleanse method. This is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your body. From all the other methods that you can use to cleanse your body, using the juice method is definitely the healthiest one because it only involves you drinking all types of healthy juices that will fight off those toxins inside your body.

This juicing cleanse method can last depending on the preferences of the person and his dedication. That is because you will have to drink only these fruit and vegetable juices and nothing else. You should not eat any other food other than juices. The reason for that is because you must completely shock your body and remove all the harmful toxins. If you end up using some other method for cleansing your body, then you must know that these things are not true for them. People that have used other methods have reported that they have been feeling sick during the detoxication.

Slow Down Your Metabolism

One of the first major things that you will experience with this method of cleansing is that your metabolism will slow down. The reason is quite simple, your body is expecting from you to eat some food that will meet the requirements that it has on a daily basis.

Have Less Energy

Drinking juices are extremely healthy, but if you are doing a cleansing method with them, then they will not be enough for your body because they don’t have the right amount of calories that your body needs in order to function properly.

Feeling Sleepy

As mentioned above, you will have less energy while on this cleansing method, which eventually means that you will be sleepy all the time. However, you have to remember that you cannot drink any caffeine or anything else to keep you awake.

Loss of Weight

The most obvious thing that you must know before going into this cleansing method or any other is that you will lose weight. That is simply because you are not eating enough food and fats that your body needs.

Lightheaded Feeling

One of the symptoms that you will be experiencing will be lightheaded. This is something that almost every person will feel, especially if you are doing some type of exercising that takes away all of your energy.

Dry Skin

This might be a shock to some people, but it is true, your skin will get much drier during this cleansing process. This is happening because your body will use up all the glycogen from your muscles and you will have the feeling of dry skin.

Increased Concentration

One of the best things that can happen to you during this process is that you will increase your concentration. Of course, that is if you pass the first few days which are the worst, after that you should be able to function better than ever.


Is juicing healthier than eating whole fruits or vegetables?

The most frequently asked questions that we get about juicers are whether the juice is healthier than eating the whole fruit or vegetables. In order to answer that question, we have to educate you about all the beneficial things that you can get from eating or drinking fruits and vegetables. First, you have to understand how important it is to eat and drink fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

People should eat fruits and vegetables every day because they have all types of special nutrients that you can’t find anywhere else. These nutrients cannot be replaced with any other food, that’s why it is so important that you regularly eat various fruits and vegetables. They are an essential thing that each person must eat if they want to stay healthy. Fruits are making us healthy by simply improving our immune system which has one responsibility and that is to keep us away from various bacteria and viruses that are around us.

The Process

Drinking fresh juice that is extracted from various fruits and vegetables is not any healthier than eating those fruits or vegetable whole. There is the answer to your question, but there is more that you have to know in order to understand why that is. The best way we can present this to you is by explaining the entire process that goes behind juicing a fruit or vegetable. The process begins by you taking a whole fresh fruit or vegetable depending on your preference and placing it inside the juicer device. Depending on the type and brand of the device you will have to either slice those fruits into smaller pieces or you will be able to put them inside the juicer in one piece.

Of course, the type and the brand of the juicers that you are using have a very large impact on your end result because if you are using a low-quality juicer, you can’t expect to have high-quality juice. If you want to drink healthy drinks that have a lot of juice then you have to invest in quality juicers like the masticating ones. This type of juicers is good because it will give you much more fresh juice out of the fruits and vegetables than any other type.

Same Nutrient Levels

When you are drinking a freshly made juice, then you should have the same health benefits as if you would eat the whole fruit or vegetable. However, if you are drinking a juice that you have stored or that has been made a few hours ago, then you are not taking in as many healthy nutrients as you would with a fresh vegetable or fruit.