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Is juicing healthier than eating whole fruits or vegetables?

The most frequently asked questions that we get about juicers are whether the juice is healthier than eating the whole fruit or vegetables. In order to answer that question, we have to educate you about all the beneficial things that you can get from eating or drinking fruits and vegetables. First, you have to understand how important it is to eat and drink fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

People should eat fruits and vegetables every day because they have all types of special nutrients that you can’t find anywhere else. These nutrients cannot be replaced with any other food, that’s why it is so important that you regularly eat various fruits and vegetables. They are an essential thing that each person must eat if they want to stay healthy. Fruits are making us healthy by simply improving our immune system which has one responsibility and that is to keep us away from various bacteria and viruses that are around us.

The Process

Drinking fresh juice that is extracted from various fruits and vegetables is not any healthier than eating those fruits or vegetable whole. There is the answer to your question, but there is more that you have to know in order to understand why that is. The best way we can present this to you is by explaining the entire process that goes behind juicing a fruit or vegetable. The process begins by you taking a whole fresh fruit or vegetable depending on your preference and placing it inside the juicer device. Depending on the type and brand of the device you will have to either slice those fruits into smaller pieces or you will be able to put them inside the juicer in one piece.

Of course, the type and the brand of the juicers that you are using have a very large impact on your end result because if you are using a low-quality juicer, you can’t expect to have high-quality juice. If you want to drink healthy drinks that have a lot of juice then you have to invest in quality juicers like the masticating ones. This type of juicers is good because it will give you much more fresh juice out of the fruits and vegetables than any other type.

Same Nutrient Levels

When you are drinking a freshly made juice, then you should have the same health benefits as if you would eat the whole fruit or vegetable. However, if you are drinking a juice that you have stored or that has been made a few hours ago, then you are not taking in as many healthy nutrients as you would with a fresh vegetable or fruit.