Why juicing can be both good and bad for you

Whenever somebody is longing for a nice cold glass of juice that they can freshly make with their centrifugal or masticating juicers it’s usually a sign that the body needs several things. The first thing to be aware of is that our brains tell us how badly we need a certain thing, for instance you will feel thirsty until you drink a cup or two of water, you will feel hungry until you eat a certain amount of food, but we won’t be aware why we need a certain thing until we indulge in it.

glass of juiceIf your body is craving a glass full of fresh juice you could be thirsty, but you could also have a big sugar craving. The big thing that most juicers neglect, is the knowledge that many of those juice that are made from fresh fruit are full of sugars, and once you start drinking a glass or two of fresh fruit juice you are actually ingesting a huge amount of sugars. While the vitamins that are extracted from the fruit are amazing for your body, you still have to be aware that the sugars inside those fruits are not. The amount of sugars that you invest in that one glass of juice is way too much of a shock for your body to take within the thirty seconds it will take you to drink that cold glass of juice.

If you want to be the responsible adult and treat your body with the respect it deserves you have to dose yourself responsibly. The first thing to keep in mind for anyone that wants to start juicing responsibly is to get recipes that have more vegetables than fruit in them. For instance, if you take one apple and mix it with two carrots and one beetroot you can make a much healthier drink than by mixing that apple with two bananas and one orange. While the vegetables drink might not be as sweet as the fruit juice that is basically the point of making that sort of drink.

Always keep in mind that every juice you make is a big intake of ingredients that you would not be able to eat within a half an hour if chewed and swallowed. However, if you juice it you can swallow it within mere seconds, so always be aware of a number of vitamins, minerals, and sugars that are within a certain fruit or vegetable so you can dose yourself accordingly as to not overdo certain things.

What are the other benefits of juicing

There are many other benefits of juicing and we will list some of them as juicing is far more beneficial to your health than detrimental if used correctly. It can actually influence your breath, the smell of your sweat, how you sleep and how soft your skin is, and it all boils down to the materials that are used in the juicing process. Make sure to talk with your local nutritionist if you want to know all the benefits of every plant that can be juiced so you can reap the maximum positive benefit from juicing

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